Month: February 2015

An Artist’s Juicy Inspirations

I wrote this blog to encourage new artists in their endeavours to improve – and also to inspire more accomplished artists to greater heights. Follow my inspirational journey….

 I am not good enough !!!?  ‘What is GOOD anyway?’.

For every person’s ‘style’ there is a person that likes it – even loves it. Stop being what other people think you should be and just ‘B’ yourself – have fun. Have fun with other people doing it. My students have heaps of fun. ‘Pouring’ paintings and ‘glassing’ paintings. There are many techniques in art and mixed media these days – well the sky’s the limit!!!!

This painting had compounding medium used on it for texture and interest. The Emu has been enhanced by being accentuated.


Some times cost to advertise is prohibitive to the way you would like to do it but  there are many levels to help you begin. I don’t have a web site yet but I started a BLOG and that costs nothing. Experiment, use your creative abilities – you would not be here reading this if you were not creative!!!

Remember: ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’ Chinese proverb

These may help your painting ‘work’!

Zico Marking Territory, Watercolour
Zico Marking Territory, Watercolour

Zico my friends dog might help you to understand – great contrasts.

After the initial drawing and then covering your canvas or page with paint it is time to keep your eye on the ‘tonals’.  A painting can be beautifully executed in several colours but still doesn’t ‘work’. It is the ‘tones’ the darks and lights, which make it work. A painting can be quite ordinary but if it has good tones it will look great anyway!

Many of the darker shades can be predicted. There is always a dark shade around the bottom edge of things or when things change direction. For example where a hedge of bushes meet the land in a landscape. Where the nude model connects to the cover she is laying on on. Where a tree meets the ground. Check your light source and the darks will be on the opposite side.  A tree may be lit up on the right by light but the left side will be dark. There are many others areas.

When checking for tones stand well back and ‘squint’ at your work and you can see the tonals. Remember tones are simply depth of colour – how dark!

See my other blog called ‘Make your painting sing’ for some advice on tones and colour.

Painters BLOCK? Deal with it!


To inspire yourself to paint by looking in magazines, art books, old photos, go for a drive. Start something – just a bit…

Find a photo of someone you love! That’s a great one to paint.
Needing a good present for best friend, lover, husband/wife or friend – this will inspire you.

I tell all artists new and experienced – find a picture or subject you love. Something you feel PASSIONATE about – Yes! That’s the word! 
Look for the passion and that is where you will find your best art.

If you can say ‘I’d really LOVE to paint that’ well, that’s your painting……

Lock it in and get started.

From the beginning of time…


From the beginning of time and the beginning of art the ‘Nude’ was always an inspiration for artists. The desire to reproduce something they found incredibly beautiful. Something that stirs them. There it is !!!!

The Passion it is the passion that drives your art! I’m not talking strictly about sex – but it is the same driving emotion that drives your art. The passion to get it down on canvas or paper. The something that gets you going is also love. If your desire is a bit slow on the uptake – just say to your self – ‘I will just do a little bit’  just 5 mins.

BINGO either you can’t stop or, when you are away it will nag you and you will won’t be able to wait to get on to the next step!

Take a look!!!! ZOOM IN!!!

What is it that makes this painting so unusual? So attractive that you can’t stop looking!


Take a second look – In this painting are the mediums and mixed media I have spoken about in a previous blog. Here is brown paper, gauze, hessian, tissue paper, charcoal and purple pastel. Just to name a few.

There must be many questions you would like to ask about your art. There are many different medias you may use to enhance your work. ‘Modeling Compound’ is very popular available at most good art shops. Smear it thickly across the canvas for a different effect. It can look like a very thickly applied paint or press a template into it to give an effect of a netting or a shell. Other products may be pushed into it – such as beads.  Gauze or hessian may be used for effects.

Start a painting and put all sorts of mediums into it and see what you can see in the patterns – have a go at it. Pick a canvas at least 60x80cm. More to come….