Month: May 2015

Australian Art Gallery Censored on Facebook: Calls on Minister to Help

Media Release 26 May 2015

Gold Coast artist, Ilia Chidzey has been unfairly censored by Facebook and thwarted in her business interests by the social media giant. She wants the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull to call Facebook and tell them they have to abide by Australian media standards. “Not only do they pay less than their fair share of tax in Australia but now they’re censoring Australian content because they don’t understand our moral values”, she said.

Ms Chidzey runs an online gallery for emerging artists called Visual Emporium ( She has a BA in Industrial Design and was recently featured on the well-known TV arts show – Put Some Colour in Your Life.

She had been running a promotion for her online gallery with a Nanette Clifton nude watercolour and this week applied to promote it to an audience of people over 18 who were interested in art and design on Facebook. Facebook told her that the image was obscene and in the same category as vibrators and sex industry images.

“Nannette Clifton is a well regarded Australian author and painter whose nude water colour has nothing to do with sex or the sex industry”, she said. “I’m assuming from this decision that Facebook would not allow an image of Michelangelo’s’ ‘David’. If they would then they are being inconsistent and drawing moral lines that might fit a few US southern states but certainly not Australia”.

She said that if Facebook wanted to do business in Australia and make profits from Australian taxpayers then they had a responsibility to abide by Australia’s moral and censorship standards. “Facebook have banned a sedate nude watercolour by an acclaimed painter that would be classified as Unrestricted if submitted to the Classification Board and is suitable for a child to see”, she said. “They have no business in telling Australians that this is an offensive image under their moral compass. I think its time that the Australian government confronted these large overseas companies to abide by our rules, or stop taking our money”.


Ilia Chidzey, 0403 117 294

Kyle, Facebook Ad Team