Art collides with cyberspace

Zen-Shin-Kotai-by-Darren-CaswellWhile the rest of the world is racing full throttle into the techno-ether, purchasing, selling, learning, sharing, befriending, discovering and basically living, eating and breathing online, there is a community that has dug it’s heels in and really struggles with this experience. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but at least 3 members of Visual Emporium did not possess an email address, let alone a computer until they got sucked into the Visual Emporium vortex. These artists had absolutely no online presence. For the millions of web savvy, techno-proficient internet browsers, these amazing creative talents simply did not exist. If, in a relatively short time, Visual Emporium has discovered at least 3 (and knows of quite a few more) such artists, that must mean there is a massive untapped resource of creative talent unavailable to internet users. Artists who don’t use social media, despise computers and hate checking their emails are not unusual either. This is a reflection of the passion and priorities of non-digital artists. They would rather spend the day immersed in their hands-on creative pursuits than check phones, emails, computers etc. To fire up the computer is a chore and to upload new images – a veritable minefield of torture. Social media is frustrating and best left to the aficionados.

This is a timely reminder for folks to visit more galleries, and ask to see the work of shy retiring friends who mumble something about their latest artwork – you never know what you might discover! On this note – if you do make an amazing discovery of a web-loathing creative talent – let Visual Emporium know about them through the contact page and we will ring them and help put their work online without the agony of going near a computer!