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Creation with purpose

Art commissions are terrifying and exhilarating. An opportunity to breath life into another person’s concepts or ideas. A creation with purpose! I am being asked to step outside my personal space and into another’s shoes to bring their thought bubble to life. What a thrill!

The creative process is a little like giving birth (with less expletives and medical supervision). I ruminate, explore, collate and nurture my ideas. I imagine different possibilities, I consider my materials, my subject, the person who briefed me, and I allow it all to whirl through my mind. Sometimes the resolution bounces out of nowhere – other times I have to tease it a little. Either way, eventually the solution reveals itself to me and from there, it evolves into the final piece. During that time, my client is my muse. They are my sole focus. I try to climb inside their mind to understand what they enjoy about my work and how I can do justice to it.

I have had all manner of briefs. From single words, to a complex and detailed psychoanalysis of the recipient of a piece. I have been given lists of bizarre ingredients from which to produce an exotic cocktail. I have been asked to solve complex problems, fill spaces or simply cater to a whim. It doesn’t really matter how a brief is presented to me – I thoroughly enjoy the adventure from beginning to end, because it is an chance to be someone else for a moment.

colourful mirror commission

I LOVE this art in my office … do you realise a part of YOU lives in a “Shrink’s” office? J 🙂 🙂
Dr Jeff Adams

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