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Ilia Chidzey claims that her creative explorations of colour and line are the spawn of the blissful union between Aubrey Beardsley, Hokusai and Alice in Wonderland. Much influenced by the kabuki characters in Japanese kite painting and the savage social commentary of Ralph Steadman, her work transitions between mystical and primal, allowing you to escape the politics of conventional form and experience. Her latest paintings offer a sneaky peak into her obsession with form, line and the bizarre psyche of the artist – be they writer, painter, musician, cinematographer or simply a frustrated creative soul.

Ilia Chidzey – a work in progress

Ilia emerged from a dark box on a somewhat inauspicious Sunday in 1968, kicking and wailing with a pastel in one hand and a bottle of metho in the other. She hasn’t stopped since. Suckled on a diet of Tom Waits, tabasco, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and caffeine, she spent her formative years in a combination of Sydney, Lae and Canberra.

After a paradoxical youth littered with a trail of art, science and mathematical competition awards, she eventually settled on studying Industrial Design at the University of Canberra.  Midway through her course she briefly ceased tormenting her lecturers to take up a traineeship at Philips Industrial Design  department in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The department is still attempting to come to terms with her ‘circular square’ proposal.

A series of arbitrary events eventually led her to pursuing a career as a graphic designer and a similar quantum leap relocated her to the Gold Coast where she may be now found lurking in the backwaters of Labrador, airbrush and sandblaster in hand.

Her recent explorations into mirror, aluminium, colour, form and line address the question of the influence of observer on observation. A combination of inquiry, logic, technique and narrative lie behind her curious creations. Controversial and polarising at times, her work is ever evolving and in a constant state of flux.

Ilia was a finalist in the Bald Archy 2016 national satirical portraiture competition, with her portrait of Robbie Swan – ‘Billabong Dreaming’. She also has works at the Victorian Parliament House in Melbourne and the National Museum of Erotica in Canberra. She dared to expose her art in the Gold Coast Arts Centre Café as a solo exhibitor in May 2013 and was a participant in the Blending Genders Exhibition at the Royal Queenland Art Society later that year. She held a solo exhibition at Hillier Skuse Gallery in 2015. She has exhibited work at RAW Artist events on the Gold Coast in 2016 and 2017 and is the creator of the Visual Emporium artist community where you can view works of many extraordinary artists, as well as read her meandering blogs that explore the nature of creativity and art. This year she was proud to be an exhibiting artist at ARTundressed 2017 held in Miami, Florida. She is also a finalist in the Global Art Awards for 2017.

Ilia is now exploring mixed media with extraordinary timber and metal artist Damian Berrili in a series of ‘functional’ artworks. The word ‘functional’ is being used in the loosest possible sense. Louis Sullivan who first termed the phrase ‘form follows function’ would be a tad disturbed if he could see the results. Function following form is definitely the objective. Visit Décor Fusion to see the fruits of their collaborative work.

Stay tuned.

Ilia is available for commissions as well as offering illustration and mural painting services as well as architectural features such as hand painted kitchen splash backs and laser cut aluminium balustrades. Ilia also collaborates with Melissa Bates to produce ‘im’s – gorgeous laser cut outs of aluminium and brass mounted on acrylic. Find out more here.

To discuss purchasing art or commissions contact Ilia Chidzey or phone 0403 117 294.

Write or Flight

A larger than life mirror piece created for Dr Jeffrey Adams’ consultation room and finalist in the Global Art Awards 2017. Contact Ilia to discuss commissions.

Architectural features

Ilia also creates architectural features and fittings such as hand painted glass kitcen splash backs and custom designed aluminium balustrades and window screens.

See Ilia’s architectural feature work here

Décor Fusion is a collaboration between Ilia Chidzey and Damian Berrili, timber and metal artist, and is focussed on creating functional art and design. Visit the Décor Fusion website to see their scope of work. Commissions welcome!


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