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Susan Skuse gained her Diploma of Fine Arts in 1984, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She works from her Tallai studio, painting landscape, seascapes and figurative work in the realist tradition.

She says, “To me painting is a way of doing philosophy. The artist is privileged to look deeply at the world – to distil it and react to it and to put those observations down in paint for others to reflect on. I gain a great deal of enjoyment in the process and I hope others share some of that in viewing my work.”

Sue runs the Hillier and Skuse Gallery at 88-90 Bundall Rd, Bundall, Gold Coast with Steve Hillier. Some of her extraordinary work is on display there.  Visit website.

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Cloud Atlas by Sue Skuse

Cloud Atlas

I have called this series ‘Cloud Atlas’ after one of my favourite books. I like the inherent absurdity of the idea of an atlas of something as evanescent and ever-changing as clouds, although I could be missing the author’s point here.  I have used airbrushed acrylic to create the sky background and oil paint to suggest more detailed cloud formations.  I was trying to capture some really difficult aspects of the sky, such as its luminosity, its changeability, its vast size, power and mystery.


Cloudy Thoughts – D’Entrecasteaux

My main interest here is in the sea and the sky; in the way these elements dominate the landscape and make humankind’s efforts at control look insubstantial. The sky, on this rainy day, set a sombre tone that was reflected in the waters of the Channel. The scene evoked thoughts about the transience and insignificance of my life compared to the sublime power of the natural world, and the verses from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam included in the work give expression to these thoughts.

A number of different processes and materials were used in this work. Silver leaf was laid down over some areas of the sky and a verdigris preparation was used as underpainting on the land and areas of the sea. The scene was then painted in acrylic paint. Some collage elements are included in the sky and for the text. The work was then coated in encaustic medium to give depth to the colours and to enhance the surface texture of the work. Details of the sea were added with oil paint and stylized cloud shapes were stenciled into some areas of the sky with the intent of contradicting a straightforward naturalistic reading of the work.

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