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With a disregard for popular and current fashion Ursula Kelly’s fascinating art is the result of her nonconformity and individuality. Ursula has travelled widely and her dynamism and diversity oozes from her work. From illustration and murals through to fine art, there is nothing Ursula won’t take on – and excel at. Flexible and creative, her passion for the visual arts is unparalleled. Ursula is available for commissions and works in all mediums. Ursula recently held her highly successful Concept | Creation | Completion exhibition at the Lone Goat Gallery, Byron Bay.

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Ursula Kelly

WWI is a representation of the history of the people that shaped the Gold Coast.
My research connected me to the unexpected truth that during WWI many white and Aboriginal Diggers served for our country, often just dressed in ragged uniforms,their feet frozen and sore from frostbites. As many of them moved towards the frontline of Ypres (France) in 1917, I imagined the horrendous pain these man had to take back to their homeland if they survived the tragedy at all!!!


In WWII, I depict (part of) the glamorous side of the Gold Coast, housed at the School of Arts in Labrador for many decades. I want to refresh memories and pay tribute to the service done by thousands of Australian woman, a great number of which were from the Gold Coast during the WWII period. 52, 000 Woman joined the Woman’s Air Training Corps, the Auxiliary, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Nursing Service. One of these Nursing woman was the Illustrator and Artist Grace C Smith. On the ‘home front’ our well known Margret Preston produced paintings from Sydney depicting foreign ships in some background work without even knowing the truth behind it.
As an Artist I feel that i have an obligation to capture moments of history that do not just glamorise what the Gold Coast has to offer now but rather from the past as well…LEST WE FORGET.


My Gallipoli painting is the haunting narrative of young boys and girls fighting a dirty bloody war they had nothing to do with…

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