What kind of creative beast am I?

Weird by profession

I often find myself struggling helplessly attempting to explain what kind of ‘art’ I do. For this reason, I generally resort to calling it ‘weird art’. It doesn’t sound terribly flattering of course, but I have always prided myself in my ability to take the business of weirdness extremely seriously. There is no point in being half cocked when it comes to being odd. I am professional if nothing else. As the late, great, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson once said “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” A sentiment I emphatically agree with.

Who and what am I? I am an appalling introvert, with a sleeping disorder that has worked to my advantage. As I prowl along the water’s edge at 3.30am each morning with my furry companion by my side, I rotate concepts and possibilities in my mind’s eye, resolving technical details and picturing new creations to experiment with on my return.

No longer content to sabotage the objects that surround me with paint and pastels, I have recently found myself delving into exciting and unchartered territories. I have been in a frenzy of concrete polishing, aluminium etching, copper scribing, glass grinding, mirror trickery, solvent inhalation and inadvertent bloodletting as I proceed weeping joyfully in my quest to fight my worthy battle against complacency.

In true Quixotic fashion, I have taken on the windmills of mediocrity with a basin on my head and a concrete grinder in my hand…

My Gold Coast studio and gallery are available for viewing by appointment most days. Contact me on 0403 1117 294 or ilia@visualemporium.com.au to organise a visit. Not only will you get to experience the interactive nature of my work, but you can learn a little about how I work and discover my Vortex – where all the creative action occurs.