The enigmatic ray-o-lite defies definition – male, female, artist, observer, participant, creator or deconstructivist, Australian, New Yorker? Who knows, and who has the right to decide? ray-o-lite, self professed neo-graffiti artist and cultural hybrid asks that we look past traditional terminology and gender values to observe the finished product without preconceived ideas and expectations. We are to make a judgement based on our observations rather than background knowledge. It is not necessary that ray-o-life’s inspirations and motivations be shared with the viewer as every unique experience and reaction has an equal value.

A student of printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design, ray-o-lite has expanded on techniques incorporating textures, acrylic and other media on board, paper and canvas. The creation of the image is a result of stream of consciousness, observation of urban cityscapes and popular culture as well as word and image association. The observer’s reaction to these extraordinary pieces of art is integral to the effectiveness of the works.

These spectacular artworks have been displayed in New York, Philadelphia, Italy, Sydney and the Gold Coast.
With global domination in ray-o-life’s sights, anything is possible. This artist’s fascinating work can only expand it’s reaches as time progresses!

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