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Collecting – the art of following your gut

How to Collect Art Like a Pro – Building a Collection

What draws me to this article, is that unlike a lot of the information about collecting, that refers to high end investment rather than personal enjoyment, this one talks about following your instinct and taste. By working from your personal preference you will develop a collection that is a reflection of yourself. Collections that do this have proven to have a timeless quality and ended up being worth a fortune further down the track. It’s not just about finding the big names and buying because you know they will appreciate in value – it’s also about creating a collection that has personality and is worth sharing as it has character and cohesion.

There are lots of meaty quotable quotes throughout this article, however I’ll leave it up to you to read and explore and take from it what you will.
Be warned however – it’s very long!

This website in incredibly informative.

This website has many interesting articles on collecting and appraising art as well as information for artists looking to selling and promoting themselves.
It’s a long and intense read, so put away a couple of hours to sit down and patiently wade through what is and isn’t relevant to you – it’s a commitment, but well worth it!