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Are two minds better than one? Collaboration!

I recently had the good fortune to start collaborating with Damian Berrili, sculptor, furniture designer and maker and all round artistic magician. It’s been a rollercoaster of ideas with each of us bouncing our creative brains around the metaphorical room at a phenomenal rate. I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun for quite some time! The power of two minds versus one is extraordinary, and to have the opportunity to work with another creative whose skills are complimentary to my own is a rare and wonderful thing. We’ve started with modest projects – I’ve had a go at sandblasting and painting some of his existing mirror designs, but we plan on working on some far more complex pieces further down the track. It’s fascinating seeing the results at each stage, as we both like to be guided by the materials we work with. I see inspiration in his forms when it comes to painting, and he sees opportunity to expand on my imagery. Our current piece in progress involves several stages, and at each point, we hand over the piece to the other to contribute the next component, and then back again. It’s like an art relay, but without the sound of pounding runners – just bandsaws instead. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we decide to work on next – as always, the process is infinitely more satisfying than the completed piece, so I hope we can keep the creative frenzy up for a long time to come! Woohoo….

Here are some examples of our recent pieces.

Twilight by Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey
Twilight – stained camphor laurel with enamel and sandblasted mirror inset
Tsunami by Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey
Tsunami – camphor laurel with sandblasting, acrylic and enamel on mirror inset.
Bad Boy Burlesque by Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey
Bad Boy Burlesque – blue gum burl with acrylic and enamel painted mirror inset
Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey
Wings of Desire – camphor laurel with sandblast and enamel mirror inset