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Bower bird syndrome…

Luminescent, mysterious and tactile aluminium creations have been creeping into my art recently. Despite being responsible for the expansion of my range of expletives, my inner masochist delights in creating them. From the moment I don my Hannibal Lecter apron and Breaking Bad mask, I experience creative free fall. Like a traveller arriving at an airport, I feel my senses tingling as I attempt to anticipate where my latest adventure will take me.

Like most of my art, these aluminium and metal art creations have taken time to evolve into the complex beasts that I now wrestle with. Initially, I delighted in the iridescence of translucent inks sitting on brushed metal wall art. Now, however, my techniques have become more refined and I’m no longer satisfied with such simple pleasures. I now insist on depth, texture and complexity. I introduce forms that writhe through a sea of colour. I spend hours with assorted power tools and files, refining shapes and sanding the tips off my fingers. I inhale debris and dodge flying shrapnel as I buff aluminium until I can see my face reflected in it.  All wonderful reasons to celebrate each time another creature emerges from the aluminium art swamp!

My Gold Coast gallery and studio are available for viewing. Contact me to organise a time to visit! I would love to show you the inner workings of my mind!

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Acid etching aluminium
Acid etching aluminium
Acid etching aluminium
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