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The uncertainty principle

Mirror art poses an interesting challenge. I have peculiar love hate relationship with mirrors. A glimpse of myself in a wall mirror sends me scampering away in a panic and yet I find myself captivated by the lure of this illusion inducing medium. The introduction of iridescent colours, intertwining lines, frosted sandblasting and the occasional optical trickery provide me with a fascinating visual playground.

There is a scientific principle that says that the act of observation will always influence the result and it is impossible to provide a completely objective reading. Mirror art is a wonderful illustration of this theory. I am of the belief that all art is transformed through the act of observation, however decorative mirrors take this to a higher level. Not only is the experience different for each viewer, each experience is unique.  Light, angle, colour and movement play fickle games with our eyes. Discoveries are made from the other side of the room – the ordinary can become extraordinary as it is framed in an unexpected veil of colour. You become a participant in the story and find yourself merging with the image. Shadows and forms intermingle and before you know it, you have passed through Lewis Carroll’s looking glass.

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mirror art
mirror art
The first mirror painting
sandblasted mirror
mirror art
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