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There’s more below the surface

As a portrait artist, my universe is never straight forward. A portrait is a leap into the unknown as I try to do justice to my subject matter, while challenging others’ preconceptions about them. It is an opportunity to release an obscure side to my subject into an unsuspecting world. To bring the colours that ebb below to the surface. An exciting and challenging task.

Perhaps that is why I half expect people to get a little twitchy when I mention I am working on their portrait, but strangely enough, that hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps it intrigues them to see themselves through the eyes of a portrait artist. Perhaps it amuses them to be distorted in my odd and quirky way. Whatever the reason, I enjoy creating portraits, despite the nervous tension before I unveil them. I never want to upset or offend, but I often find myself holding my breath, wondering what the response will be.

original portraits

an artist Ilia Chidzey …has created this AMAZING MASTERPIECE for me out of mirror, glass, aluminium, concrete and of course paint… I am soooooooo GRATEFUL…
Mark Anthony, Hypnotist

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