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Art in sensible shoes

One cannot live on art alone, and there comes a time where art needs to be functional, purposeful, aesthetic, and dare I say it… practical?

That is when I step over the line I draw between playful and sensible, don my professional hat, and exercise my design mind. Despite my frivolous words, I also possess an extremely professional persona. A degree in industrial design, and over 26 years as a professional graphic designer, means that creative problem solving, meeting deadlines, design parameters and client requirements are all second nature. Art is my playground, where I experiment and explore. Design is where I apply my expertise carefully and with precision.

I work with other designers, architects, manufacturers and creatives to produce an assortment of architectural features and designs. From hand painted splashbacks and custom mirrors through to powder coated aluminium light screens and balustrades there are a multitude of applications for my creative work. I enjoy collaborating as part of a team and ensure the transition from design brief through to completion is smooth, effective and enjoyable for all involved.

custom designed kitchen splashback

As a practising architect I have worked on architectural projects with ilia for about 25 years, predominantly with integrated and functioning artwork, including glazed splashbacks, light fittings, laser cut screens, balustrades and sun-shades. She is a prolific artist and a designer with great depth and intellect to the work she undertakes, and her experimentation with materials and methods is extraordinary.
Geofff Lovie Architect

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