ET Principles and Selling Your Art


So you’re exhibiting your work, and out of the corner of your eye you see someone approaching one of your magnificent masterpieces. They tilt their head, their eyes light up and there is a meerkat quality in their posture. It’s on! You charge over like a bull on heat, introduce yourself and profer your business card graciously. The discussion is positive, stimulating and very, very optimistic. They loooooove your work – they looooove you. The price is right…. but… they want to go home and discuss it with their partner/flatmate/fellow practitioners/small furry critter…

So you go home and you patiently wait… and wait…. and wait…
12 months later as you put the finishing touches on your latest major piece, it crosses your mind that nothing came of that beautiful ET moment months ago.

What in hades went wrong?

Well Carloyn Edlund from Artsyshark has some terrific insight into why. Read her informative article here.

Conclusion: there’s a lesson in this – don’t just hand out your business card and wait for them to get in touch. Life goes on, things happen and moments are lost – make sure you grab your prospective buyer’s card and stay in touch!