Fascinating arty sites

Some of these pages are constantly being updated and it’s almost impossible to pick out one image and say it’s my favourite. I refer back to these sites constantly. Ok, I have to admit – they are pretty self indulgent – but that’s what blogs are all about… aren’t they?

Street Art Utopia
The liveliness of thought, unfettered by the desire to sell and lack of public conformity make these works a raw and powerful social comment. Their immediacy and the uncertainty of their lifespan lead to concepts that are spontaneous, gritty and sometimes challenging. This to me, is genuine artistic integrity.

I’m Sick of Pretending: I Don’t “Get” Art
When I first found this article, I laughed, I cried and I nodded so hard I cracked my neck. There is so much truth in this vitriolic rant. I’ll let you read and make your own decisions. If you’re like myself and Steve Hillier – you’ll have a look at the linked associated pages as well.

Bookshelf Porn
And just because I’m a bit of a book whore, I have to share these incredible images. I find them rapturous, indulgent and it’s hard to resist the desire to crawl through my monitor and disappear into these wonderscapes filled with knowledge and musty pages. Don’t get me wrong – I love my kindle (great for the visually challenged) but the aroma of an old book and the little puff of metaphorical dust as you flip those first few pages is positively orgasmic!