Jutta Pilz, Sculptor


Jutta Pilz’s vivid imagination finds expression through sensual sculptural forms. Tactile and evocative, her work is the result of her exploration of medium in her quest to create.

Originally from Germany, Jutta’s Garasu Art Studio and home is based in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast, where she works with clay, glass, winterstone, wood and metal. Since 1985, when she was finally able to find the time and space to sculpt, Jutta has been dazzling viewers with her flair. She has worked on major commissions, incorporating her work into architecture as well as for private display.

Jutta finds inspiration in the female form, which lends itself to the voluptuous flow that she is known for. Form, technique and concept are all critical elements, combining to produce a powerful form. As Jutta’s experience and expertise evolved over time and she has made discoveries as the result of fortunate design diversions and experimentation in addition to attending workshops and pushing her medium beyond it’s normal capabilities.

Art and creativity lie in the core of any artist, and Jutta’s passion for art is no exception. Time spent with Jutta will leave you in no doubt that this sculptor’s very essence lies in her need to express through innovation. Influenced by her daughter, her brother and nature, she combines life stories with form. Rules are made to be broken in Jutta’s universe, and the inspirational results are celebrated. Living in the present is key to Jutta’s world – “The past has gone and who knows what the future provides?”

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