Kelvin Foley: Conceptual Voyages


Attempting to interview the elusive Kelvin Foley is akin to trying to isolate the hundreds from the thousands on fairy bread… there’s so much going on, and way too many gorgeous temptations beckoning to be noticed. An extraordinary creative adventurer, Kelvin has a degree in architecture, another in visual arts and works in practically any medium. He has been hung in many major exhibitions, was the Gold Coast Indi artist in 2000 and has won many awards. His work is exploratory, surprising and never predictable. On the surface he is a modest, unassuming character which belies a seething furnace of visual capers within. When Kelvin told me he had been artist in residence on the HMAS Endeavour Bark I was a bit taken aback – he looks pretty spritely for a bloke over 251 years old (although the absence of a computer does betray his bicentogenarian status). I was more than a tad disappointed when he confessed it was the re-enactment in 1997.

Madam-Lash-by-Kelvin-Foley-mailchimpDespite reluctantly agreeing to an interview, the rather resplendent Kelvin in his black and iridescent gold t-shirt (the height of fashion for purveyors of exotic chemicals in Gold Coast night clubs) groaned, and mumbled that it would probably be to his detriment to share his life, thoughts and processes with the waiting world. Fair call – but I’d just dozed off to a documentary with Dali prancing by the seaside with an oversized crab, stroking his moustache and espousing his personal genius. Alas, this was obviously not Kelvin’s style. The point is however, that you don’t need to be a self professed exhibitionist to produce work that is unusual, colourful, provocative and stimulating. Kelvin’s is all of that plus more. Ironically he hasn’t much of a web presence – to find Kelvin’s work you’ll need to track him down through the Visual Emporium site (we sorted him out with his first email address yesterday) and organise a time to visit and explore through his extensive and impressive body of work. See a small sample in his online gallery here.

Visual Emporium will be adding to Kelvin’s gallery frequently, so keep visiting his gallery page to stay up to date!