Luscious Landscapes

Burleigh Pandanus by David Ladley
Burleigh Pandanus by David Ladley


3 January 2015 – 31 January
Royal Queensland Art Society
25 Broadbeach Blvd, Broadbeach, Qld

Harbour Light by David Ladley
Harbour Light by David Ladley

David and Sandra Ladley will be having an exhibition and sale of paintings at the Royal Qld Art Society, Broadbeach starting Sat 3rd January running until Sat 31st January. Lots of paintings of Luscious Landscapes. Images depicting coastal scenes and mountain views.

David and Sandra don’t paint in the same style of course but,(when asked), can give an honest critique of each others work. From “rubbish, paint over it in white”, to “that looks like a keeper”. It’s handy to have a spare pair of eyes to say when to stop work on a new painting, or when to keep going because it’s not quite there yet. Sandra has a loose style and enjoys painting flowers as well as broader landscapes.

When they travel, they mostly do small A4 sized watercolour reference sketches that can be completed in less than an hour. They make useful starting points for future paintings. Over the years they’ve accumulated dozens of books filled with hundreds of sketches from all over the world. But if they travel within Australia they take canvases or boards and paint with acrylics as it dries quickly and doesn’t get the car full of sticky wet paint.

David now enjoys accepting commissions after completing a number of paintings for local and overseas clients over the years. “When I started doing commissions it was a little daunting, trying to anticipate exactly what the client was after, but you get more comfortable doing them the more you do and your confidence builds. Plus with the internet now you can show clients various stages as the painting nears completion. Clients enjoy being included in the process and it makes the final presentation easy because there’s no surprises”. He recently completed a 1.2 metre painting for a dutch family. “It was interesting in that the client wanted their three children painted but from behind, looking out to sea. Everything was briefed and approved by emails. When the client was happy, the canvas was rolled into a tube and mailed off to Holland, no probs”.

The Citadel by David Ladley
The Citadel by David Ladley

Plans for the future? “A switch from acrylic painting to more oils, the opportunity to work slower and blend more makes for a more sophisticated painting, rather than the speed painting that acrylic seems to require”. Also “Probably more travel, there are some interesting longer duration workshops which give us the opportunity to rub shoulders with more like minded artists. It’s always good fun to see how other artists handle it”.

See some of the results at the RQAS upstairs gallery.
The gallery is open every day, Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Parking is free.

Mt Warning Farm by David Ladley