Michael Hooper
Adam Lochowicz
Adam Lochowicz
David Fioravanti
Adam Lochowicz
Michael Hooper
David Fioravanti
Adam Lochowicz

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Newsletter archive – Artist Edition

15 September 2015 Edition
Art and Mindfulness
Swell Sculpture
Hillier Skuse Gallery Opening
Chuck Close

10 August 2015 Edition
Encaustic Painting Workshop
Inspiring the next Generation
ray-o-lite exhibition
The Da Vinci Code
New Gallery for Gold Coast

29 June 2015 Edition
Art Awards
Bumgate Rundown
Jan Puylaert and WET
The Look of Love

2 February 2015 Edition
Body art
Pastels and pastel paper
Art appreciation
Glass Appliqué

15 December 2014 Edition
Carolyn Edlund from Artsy Shark
Lucinda Leveille – Grisaille
Darren Caswell
A day in the life of Steve HIllier
Starving Artists
Oils aint oils
Luscious Landscapes Exhibition

17 November 2014 Edition
Ray Frisken
Erik DeAndre’
Watercolour Paper
Erotic Art Discussion
Yoga and Art
Clay Workshop

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Newsletter archive – Collectors Edition

20 April 2015 Edition
Acrylic and Inks Workshops
Nanette Clifton Competition
Architectural Illustration Renaissance
ray-o-lite shines in print
13th Floor Elevators Exposé
Wood Lithography
Ursula Kelly: Adventures at GOMA

5 January 2015 Edition
Collectorium on Newcastle
Kelvin Foley
Bernadette Lack Exhibition
Smell the linseed oil
Art collides with cyberspace

1 December 2014 Edition
Jutta Pilz
David Warren
Architecture and Art
Keith Haring
Luscious Landscapes

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