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We love diversity and the more people involved in our community the better! 

There is something here for everyone. We are always scouting for new events, secret exhibitions, workshops, tours, tips and hints and being alerted to fascinating and reclusive artists who have never heard of the internet… We are seeking art critics, writers, art oriented services and suppliers. Visual Emporium is a portal to information, knowledge and visual excitement. 

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Visual Artists

Whether you are an interior designer looking for the perfect piece to compliment your latest project, or someone with a passion for collecting exquisite art, the diversity and the quality of the work exhibited in our gallery offers visual inspiration. Our artists are all hand picked by Visual Emporium for their creativity in thought and gorgeous imagery.

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Art collectors

If you think you can’t draw but you’re keen to learn, or you’re just happy to sit back and admire – this is also the place for you! Apart from the joy of exploring our gallery and reading or watching what our community are excited about on our blog page, we will tell you about the latest exhibitions, competitions, workshops and arty activities as they come to our attention.

Contribute articles and WIN prizes and giveaways. Submit reviews or tell us about the fantastic art you’ve seen – out in the street, online or in galleries – we’re waiting and listening. If you have photos to share, or had visual experiences that blow your mind away – please get in touch! We’ll share with the world through our newsletter!

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Art lovers

Seen something? Have a need to share your insights with the world? 

This is the forum for you. 

This is your opportunity to wield your magic pen and let us know about the status quo of the arts, activities, exhibitions (both good and bad) and what’s been seen around town. From the quirky and cute, to the monumental and horrendous. We will listen to you. Tell us about your creative journey, your trials and tribulations. Share your sweet artistic discovery at the local café. Let us know what makes you tick, or what ticks you off. 

Any articles that are accepted to be published in a newsletter will receive a signed A3 reproduction from a feature artist.

So sharpen up your pencil, get scribbling and submit today!