Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Visual Emporium offers a variety of different tiers of advertising and sponsorship for service providers and relevant suppliers. From a full slide on the home page, through to smaller boxed ads on selected pages throughout the website we have something to suit most budgets. 

We also offer sponsorship to various sections of the newsletter as well as advertisement slots. All ads incorporate a link to advertisers websites. We offer sponsorship of certain articles in the newsletters. We are especially keen to have advertisers on board who are able to provide visitors and members benefits/discounts through their association with the Visual Emporium website. 

We distribute three newsletters

  • Artists – ideal for art supplies, framers and workshops etc.
  • Art collectors – ideal for auction houses, interior design services, galleries etc.
  • People with a general interest in the arts – ideal for galleries, exhibitions, workshops etc.

Contact Visual Emporium to discuss today or phone Ilia Chidzey on 0403 117 294