Aluminium portrait

Wendy and George approached me for a commission with a rather open brief. They were hoping for a colourful artwork roughly 40cm in diameter incorporating bright red, to sit in their small unit and keep several mesmerising brushed metal artworks company.

After much pondering and sketching,  I created Affinity. You might call it a duplex ‘his and hers’ portrait, where it may be hung in two ways. Combining intimacy with dialogue, this portrait hints at a lifetime of debate, discourse, love and compassion. A couple who have weathered the years, maintaining their commitment and affection.

This acid etched and polished aluminium piece has a sliver of with mirror between the two lovers as the world moves around them in a constant state of flux. The only thing that remains constant is their companionship.

After completing Affinity, I was asked to create a companion piece – Connectivity!

This piece was cut out of aluminium and acid etched before being polished within an inch of its life. There is nothing more fulfilling that to be able to see my reflection in the aluminium when I put down the power tools and take off my safety mask. Lovely! I then worked coloured inks and enamels into the composition and attached a mirror backing to the back of the panel.

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