billabong dreaming: robbie swan

colourful mirror art portrait

Billabong Dreaming is a cheeky salute to Robbie Swan’s days with Matilda Magazine. The ever mischievous Robbie reflects our flaws and weaknesses straight back at us through mirror. Challenging, satirical, speedy of wit – everyone has an inner Robbie that needs to step forward and take up the issues that matter most to them!

This portrait of my wonderful friend, Robbie Swan was a finalist in the Bald Archy Prize, 2016. Robbie sat for me while taking some time out with Fiona Patten at Byron Bay. It was lovely to spend the day sketching and catching up. Robbie observed that my big toes twitch when I’m concentrating, and I observed that he looked suspiciously emu-like.. a win win situation! As you can see from the photos, he doesn’t look nearly as devious as he does in my portrait. Don’t be fooled – that’s his naughty inner Robbie I’ve depicted.

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Enamel details were outlined on the rear side of glass. Coloured acrylic was then airbrushed over the enamel. The image was then flipped over and laid over mirror.

3mm plate mirror with 3mm plate glass overlay. The two pieces are held slightly apart by a slim black frame giving it an interesting dimension.

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