colourful mirror art

Having experienced a Yosarian-like situation one year, I had been puzzling how to depict Joseph Heller, the genius behind Catch-22 trapped in his very own logical conundrum.

This is my solution – a two way image that can be viewed from two perspectives. If you turn it upside down you will see the image below. A sorrowful acceptance of defeat in the face of obscure reasoning. If you look at the view at the top of the page, the image is raging against the lunacy of the system. For Catch-22 is indeed a type rational madness. A logic trap from which you may never escape. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I have used the number 2 flipped on top of its head to create the nose of the profile for each image to emphasise my point. Everything is connected. And all the while, because this is painted on mirror, we see ourselves drifting in and out of our personal Catch-22s.

colourful mirror art

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Black enamel linework is on the front of the glass. Coloured acrylic was then airbrushed over the reverse, before flipping the glass over and framing it with a slim black frame that holds the two layers apart.

64cm x 95cm    |   9kg
Glass over mirror with slim black frame holding the two layers apart. Strung twice so it can be hung either way up.
Available for viewing at Visual Emporium Gallery.

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