polished concrete portrait

Chang-e, Chinese lunar goddess who looks down upon the earth from her celestial home. Once a mere mortal, Chang-e drank her husband’s elixir of life in an attempt to save it from the wrong hands. As a result she drifted up to the moon, where she has dwelled ever since. From there she is able to keep a careful eye over her husband.

This little piece of polished concrete is not your average piece! I have embedded glow in the dark pebbles, so it glows in the evening. She needs to be positioned in a nice sunny spot during the day so she can recharge for the evening, but when it is dark, lovely blue stars shimmer. Naturally, this is incredibly difficult to show in a photograph, but I’ve tried my best. You’ll just have to see the real deal!

polished concrete portrait

To discover more about my polished concrete escapades, visit my concrete art page.

Polished, coloured concrete with glow in the dark stones impregnated into it. Airbrushed with acrylic ink and enamel brush details.

2mm thick polished concrete with glow in the dark aggregate 37cm x 40cm  |  1kg

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