polished aluminium art

This piece is the second of a two part series for Melbourne couple Wendy and George. After I completed the first commission – Affinity, they decided they had just enough room to fit one more similar piece into their tiny home!

It made sense to follow the circular theme and to keep with Wendy’s colour scheme.

Similar to Affinity, Connectivity explores the intimate relationship between this beautify couple, where each and every action of one influences the other. Two hands intertwine, and it is almost impossible to isolate one from the other. Case in point is deciphering who is replying to each of my texts… is it George? Is it Wendy? Does it matter!?

After forming the shape from plate aluminium, I masked and acid etched texture into this piece. After buffing it within an inch of its life, I then stripped back the areas that were to be coloured and airbrushed acrylic before applying enamel brushwork. Finally, I attached mirror behind the open areas.

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