Alice in Wonderland art

A fun commission just for George from Byron Bay. My brief was lovely and simple – maybe something with an Alice in Wonderland theme… but then maybe not? Something quirky and colourful and a little bit odd…

That, as you have probably worked out, is just my sort of adventure! George supplied me with a couple of lovely mirrors to work with and set his budget.

This next piece was Down the Rabbit Hole  which was followed shortly later by Storm in a Teapot. Thieving Tarts was the last of this series – Alice get’s revenge and steals those delicious tarts to fuel the rest of her adventure.

This is the first of the pair – Alice transforms into a flamingo in preparation for her round of croquet with the Queen of Hearts. Far easier than lugging one around. And remember the pool of tears when Alice grew enormous and sobbed inconsolably? That’s what she’s wading out of.

To see more colourful illusions, visit my mirror page.

Masked mirror with airbrushed acrylic and enamel.

Framed mirror supplied by George.

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