cutting observations

colourful aluminium portrait

A portrait of the amazing Melissa Bates. I’m not sure who was more terrified when I set up the photo shoot with her balanced on a sheet of toughened glass while I crawled underneath brandishing my camera. All in the name of art!

Melissa creates spectacular, stylised observations of the people around her spontaneously with the use of a scalpel and cardboard. For years she has been dazzling the attendees of her Monday morning life drawing sessions as she perches on the ground and creates visual magic with a few strategic sweeps of her knife.

To see more shimmery work, visit my aluminium art page.

This portrait depicts the perspective of a piece of cardboard as it anticipates being transformed into a masterpiece!

Airbrushed acrylic with ink brushwork over brushed aluminium.

3mm thick aluminium 100cm x 100cm   |   11.3kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available for viewing.

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