Decorative Screens for Eurobodalla Shire

Custom designed decorative steel screens

I always enjoying the challenge of working on decorative screens with a theme, and once again Geoff Lovie architect provided me with just the sort of project I really enjoy. Eurobodalla Shire Botanic Gardens were establishing a plant shop, and had enlisted his invaluable design services. Thinking outside the box (as Geoff is want to do), he decided this was a perfect opportunity to explore light and imagery by incorporating my artwork in laser cut decorative screens. This would introduce an aesthetic, yet functional element that enhances space.

The imagery chosen depicts native flora and fauna indigenous to the Eurobodalla Shire, and after much research, revision and discussion, the screens you see below evolved.

A hidden challenge when working on designs for public features is to ensure safety and structural integrity. Geoff and I went over these designs carefully to avoid potential hazards or structural issues. Part of the fusion between art and design!

Unlike several projects I’ve worked on with Geoff Lovie, the use of corten steel rather than aluminium added a rustic dimension that I really enjoy.

Geoff  initially provided me with plans and elevations of his design for the proposed space, in addition to a list of subjects that the council would like to incorporate. Over a period of time, we developed a series of designs that we refined to ensure safety and structural integrity. Some compromises were made for this reason, but we were happy with the overall feel. Once the design was finalised, I created CAD friendly versions of the artwork which were supplied to the council, who then organised their production.

I was originally asked to create designs for powder coated CNC aluminium screens, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the final product used corten steel with a gorgeous corrosive patina instead. I applaud the choice in substrate!   It complements the natural colours and features of the location beautifully.

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