Aluminium and mirror artwork

It’s promising to be another dreadfully hot year, and after a brief hiatus from life, the universe and everything, I’m ready to ignite my creative juices again.  I thought I’d start small with this little piece and exercise some unexpected restraint. This diminutive polished aluminium figure is a warm up to some rather large commissions lined up for the new year. I’ve been busy building up strength and fine-tuning my polishing skills in preparation for the big ones!

Here are some other smaller aluminium pieces that I was commissioned to create earlier this month. Affinity and Connectivity.

Embers was created from acid etched aluminium before being buffed and polished. She was then overlaid onto sandblasted mirror and a touch of gold enamel applied.

30cm x 31cm
3mm aluminium plate overlaying 3mm mirror
Back strung, ready to hang

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