commissioned artwork

When Bob first contacted me, he had seen my portrait of David Eldridge on social media. I think he was very impressed with David’s tie. His timing was impeccable as I had just started collaborating with Damian Berrili. Visit to see more of our collaborative work. Bob suggested we work together on his commission. His brief was immaculate: evolution. Just one word – so many opportunities! Bob didn’t have any materials, imagery or size in mind. It was open season in the house of creativity! After mulling it over, and knowing Bob’s background in microbiology, I decided that this piece needed to be an evolution in process, concept and resolution. Not only would Damian and I bounce off each other creatively to ‘evolve’ the artwork, it would also be representative of historical evolution.

Shortly after receiving the brief, I went to my favourite place – The Collectorium on Newcastle and discovered a tiny, ancient ammonite – a prehistoric fossil. The perfect beginning. Damian took it from there, working up a wonderful copper surround, and then I did what I know best – played with mirror and aluminium. It went back to Damian, who then surprised me with his wonderful swirling distressed timber. From there I did my polished concrete thing, and he added a wonderful resin ocean for my dichroic amoeba to emerge from.

Copper was beaten and formed around the ammonite that formed the core. Acid etched aluminium with acrylic mirror behind it was placed over the copper, followed by distressed and shaped timber. Polished concrete with dichroic glass was moulded around the form and resin added afterwards.

Copper, aluminium, acrylic mirror, camphor laurel, coloured concrete, dichroic glass and coloured resin.

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