eye of the basilisk

polished concrete art

Emerging from a mist of swirling polished concrete, and shimmering aluminium, the eye of this beast seeks its unsuspecting prey. With a single glance it can transform its victim to stone. Be vigilant – you never know when the basilisk will emerge.

This artwork stemmed from the discovery of a beautiful piece of dichroic glass, perfect for an eye.

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Coloured concrete was laid over rubber sections cut to match the aluminium shapes. Once the concrete had cured, coloured concrete was inlaid and then ground and polished back. Aluminium was acid etched, masked and airbrushed. Enamel brushwork came last.

Polished concrete, dichroic glass, mother of pearl, aluminium, enamel and acrylic paints.
90cm x 80cm 9.6kg
Available for viewing.

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