polished concrete art

The temptations in the garden of eden were immense. The question is – who tempted who?

A concrete creation in two parts. Forbidden Fruit II was actually the original attempt. Concrete needs at least a week to cure before being handled, and I foolishly got a little carried away and turned Forbidden Fruit II over to show a friend before she had cured properly. Alas, she broke. I abandoned her in a corner and started again. Forbidden Fruit I came to exist. After selling Forbidden Fruit I, I became curious about what lay below the surface of Forbidden Fruit II, and ground her back and was pleasantly surprised. It seemed a shame to waste all that work, so I resurrected my creature and Forbidden Fruit II came to be.

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Shapes were formed out of rubber, before concrete moulded over the top. Once cured, the rubber was removed and coloured sections filled in with more concrete and different aggregates. Acid etched aluminium was added afterwards.

Concrete, aluminium, enamel paint, acrylic inks, mother of pearl and a variety of aggregates.

Forbidden Fruit II
70cm x 92cm  |  15kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available for viewing

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