exotic mirror art

The goddess Juno is the ancient personification of femininity, sensuality and fertility . This mirror begs the beholder to exalt in a celebration of womanhood as they find themselves entwined by her sensual swirls.

I have to admit, that while Juno came to me in a brief, but heady ten minutes of inspiration, she took another six months to produce. Many deliberations, plans, revisions and experiments later she emerged – nubile, triumphant and proud.

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Aluminium was cut to shape and acid etched. Copper was heated, scribed and wrapped around high impact polystyrene to retain its form. Camphor laurel was sanded back to a silky smooth finish and treated with beeswax and turpentine to retain a silky smooth look. The mirror was sandblasted and fine enamel brushwork added, before the whole creation was assembled.

6mm mirror  85mm x 78mm  |  6.2kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.

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