medusa mirror art

Kabuki Medusa was the first spawn of Damian and Ilia created from scratch. I created the concept drawings and together we brought our Medusa to life. Combining all the tricks we had learnt to date, we backlit Medusa’s eyes, inlaid etched aluminium and incorporated shaped and coloured camphor laurel timber. To see more of the collaboration between Damian and myself, visit

The mirror for Medusa’s face was shaped and the elements to be backlit sandblasted from behind. Colour was added. While I painted the face with acrylics and enamel, Damian carved and coloured the ‘hair’ using camphor laurel. The snakes were then cut out of aluminium and I acid etched them, before Damian assembled Medusa and added a light box behind her so her eyes and tongue could be illuminated.

Blood, sweat, mirror, aluminium, acrylic ink, enamel paint and camphor laurel. Led light with adaptor mounted to the back.

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