kitchen splashback

custom designed kitchen splashback

When Geoff Lovie Architect approached me regarding painting a kitchen splashback for his latest home on the south coast of NSW, I went into a mild state of panic. I’d never airbrushed anything quite so large, so this promised to be quite a challenge. Surprisingly, there were no hiccups. After consultation regarding colours and themes, the size of the panels and placement of power point templates, I was off and running. Toughened glass was organised and delivered to a friends factory and the fun began!

The project came off smoothly, with no hiccups. I texted photos of progress to my eager client at regular intervals, discussed the choice of colour and patterns and made slight modifications as I went. Once completed, Geoff collected the panels and brought them back to Batemans Bay for installation. It was over a year before I could visit and see the kitchen in-situ, but well worth the trip!

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Templates were drawn up for the glass panels and sent to the glass manufacturer for cutting and toughening. Once the panels were received, I painted black enamel details on the back. This was followed by airbrushed colour using UV resistant acrylic inks, and a coat of white automotive acrylic to seal and protect the delicate paintwork.

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