Mulholland Drive Season I

Painted mannequin

I suspect Lola lay languishing in the op shop for quite some time before I befriended her. She was understandably a little nervous when I strapped her into the front seat of my car, but once I explained what I had in mind, she seemed to relax a little. Ever since I’d watched Peter Greenaway’s Pillow Book I’d always wanted to paint a gorgeous lady. I decided to call her Mulholland Drive Season I, as, like all Lynchian epics, she just seemed to go on and on, with no clear reason or rhyme. I haven’t quite worked out why she has eyes on her elbows – that is the enigma of Lola. Neither of us are quite sure. I know I have to complete Season II eventually (her legs), however, I’ve been a little sidetracked by other projects. Like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – it may be a number of years between seasons… she does make a fun companion however.

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Lola was a little shy at first. I don’t think she’d ever been stripped back and sanded in quite this way before. She accepted the masking and airbrushing with dignity (although she begged me not to show the photo of her covered in green masking tape). I have a feeling that the enamel brushwork may have tickled a little, but she was very brave, and never complained.

Take one shop mannequin, a spray can of acrylic paint, airbrush acrylic inks and enamel paint – voila! One Mulholland Drive Season I… I’m still bracing for Season II

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