melusina’s secret

Concrete art by Ilia Chidzey

A classic tale of domestic discord.

The sensual water spirit, Melusina possessed a dreadful secret. When she married her adoring husband, she made him swear to never enter her bed chamber on a Saturday. Why Saturday you ask? It appears that Saturday was the one day of the week that Melusina chilled alone and let her hair hang out.

Her foolish hubby, snuck a look one day, and was mortified to discover that his gorgeous wife possessed the body of a serpent. Things went from bad to worse when Melusina realised her husband had broken his vow. In a fit of rage she transformed into a dragon and hurled herself into the skies leaving nothing but a trail of smoke and expletives.

Let that be a lesson to all couples – always keep your promises!Concrete art by Ilia Chidzey

To discover more about my polished concrete escapades, visit my concrete art page.

Melusina is made from polished nebulakrete infused with glass bead and airbrushed with acrylic. Linework is painted with enamel.

Polished nebulakrete with airbrushed colour and enamel lifework
30cm diameter | 1kg
Available for viewing.

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