contemporary art

Returning from a trip to the south coast of NSW, I discovered the genesis of Narcissus lurking out the back of the Ulmarra wood shop. She insisted I take her home and get Damian Berrili to join forces with me for a bit of mirror and timber trickery. I’d been wanting to experiment with images reflected from the underside of artwork, and this piece of blue gum burl was exactly the right depth. Many broken bandsaw blades later, Narcissus emerged. Visit to see more collaborations between myself and Damian.

A large blue gum burl with a hole in the core provided the base. Mirror was lightly sandblasted to represent water ripples and inlaid behind the hole. The figure was created from acid etched aluminium and then inlaid into the burl.

65cm x 85cm   |   16kg
Solid blue gum burl with hanging insert on back.

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