past | present | future : mark anthony hypnotist

Colourful portrait

This artwork is a chronicle of Mark’s journey from a turbulent and abusive childhood to adulthood and beyond. From a time where comfort and inner strength came in the form of a scuffed card depicting a black jaguar, through to the present and then future.  Anger, passion and rebellion provided the spark that became a raging fire. With these flames, the past was destroyed and a new Mark arose – the phoenix from the flames. Through destruction comes regeneration. The turbulence of the past ebbed away as he rebuilt himself – a stronger, more powerful creature in the image of his childhood jaguar. Now, flames gently flicker – the passion is ever present but they are comforting, rather than threatening now. The question is – where will Mark go next? The future is a blank canvas and you, the viewer can now see yourself in it – what role do you play in his story? Nobody can answer that question until the moment has been and gone. Appreciate the moment, accept the past – it is what makes us. The future is a mystery.

Similar experimental portraiture in my folio include Tesla Coil, The Gorgon’s Muse and The Persistence of Pain. All these pieces explore the fascinating lives of their subjects in great detail. It’s worth visiting my narrative page if you are as fascinated by people’s lives as I am!

Concrete was carefully moulded and polished, incorporating shapes for aluminium inlays. Mirror was sandblasted and airbrushed with acrylic ink and enamel brushwork. Aluminium sections were acid etched and then the entire piece was assembled.

Coloured, polished concrete, aluminium, mirror, dichroic glass and mother of pearl.

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