contemporary aluminium art

Ian from Vancouver was so pleased with his commission The Fisherman’s Nightmare that he then commissioned me to create another aluminium artwork for his friend Mike’s 50th birthday. My brief was to be as sensual as possible, while illustrating a power dynamic between a couple in the depths of the ocean. Sharks were mentioned, and I’m always happy to oblige! I will leave it to your imagination to decide who is triumphant.

As this was only my second attempt at combining acid etched aluminium with airbrushing, it was another challenging and nail biting experience. Ultimately satisfying, but with many degrees of trickery and frustration between concept and conclusion.

To see more shimmery work, visit my aluminium art page.

Aluminium was masked out and a timber frame build around it to contain the acid etching solution. The acid etched piece was polished and burnished. Once acid etched, the image was remasked, sanded back and airbrushed with acrylic ink.

3mm aluminium plate with acrylic ink and enamel brush work.

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