Realms of Desire aluminium art by Ilia Chidzey

Sometimes, things keep getting betterer and betterer! Shortly after completing the Leafy Sea Dragon commission for Resortium Concepts, I was invited to create another aluminium artwork to add to the suite. One of the Leafy Sea Dragons had bonded with a wall at a different location, meaning there was a very lonely Leafy Sea Dragon looking for a new playmate.

George from Resortium Concepts and his client spent some time exploring the Visual Emporium website and discovered Above All Else. I was asked to create a similar piece, but with chocolate tones to match the existing Leafy Sea Dragon. Another exciting colour challenge! Moss green hair, and rich brown, gold and black. And – even better, my favourite subject matter – a sensual nude. All at triple the original size.

Once again, I explored a variety of techniques, this time creating the texture in reverse order to the Leafy Sea Dragons. This meant I could apply the rich greens over the mottled texture without interfering with the crisp lines masked airbrushing can achieve. As usual, I had a wonderful time, became incredibly filthy and learnt even more about the fickle nature of working with aluminium.

Contemporary art interior

We briefed Ilia , to produce 2 Aluminium Creations for a large penthouse project in Adelaide. We, as designers , were very impressed with Ilia’s efficiency , work ethics and of course , her talent. Her art is beautiful , detailed and energetic!!!! Our client , also thought Ilia’s pieces were stunning…..commissioning a 3rd piece , after receiving the original 2. It , was even more stunning!!!!!! We are excited to continue working with Ilia on future projects.

From the Resortium Team

1200 x 900mm x 3mm plate acid etched aluminium with ink and enamel overlays.

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