remedios the beauty farewells marquez

colourful aluminium art

The passing of Gabriel García Márquez left me deeply saddened. Ever since I first picked up 100 Years of Solitude, I have enjoyed his ability to weave a mysterious and beautiful magic into the most horrendous tales of suffering and brutality.  Others have pointed out to me that I will never appreciate his true gifts as I cannot speak Spanish, however I can still enjoy the gossamer he leaves behind.

Remedios the Beauty drifts through Macondo, an intangible object of lust and desire. So ephemeral in fact, that despite wearing sackcloth and shaving her head, men swoon in her presence. Even the scent of her is destructive. One sunny afternoon, while hanging out the laundry, Remedios the Beauty ascends into the skies  and vanishes “in the upper atmosphere where not even the highest flying birds of memory could reach her.”

When Gabriel García Márquez died, I had a sense that Remedios the Beauty would be quietly waiting in the sidelines to embrace and farewell her creator. 

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Remedios was sandblasted into brushed aluminium to create an ethereal feel, while Marquez was airbrushed in colourful acrylic ink.

3mm thick aluminium 50cm x 75cm   |   4.3kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.
Available for viewing.

colourful aluminium art
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