colourful contemporary aluminium art

Pete from Vancouver is an avid art collector, and when he got wind of what I get up to, he wanted to see if he could challenge me that little bit more. He commissioned my largest aluminium project to date – 1,000mm x 1,000mm. A logistical challenge to say the least! His brief was fantastic – he required the following: one blue ringed octopus, one hammer head shark, one lusty wench… (my words, not his) and one Rolling Stones tattoo. I code named it Pete’s Marinara With the Lot, and dived into my ‘aquatic erotic’ composition. I had fun – as you can see. The only thing I struggled with, was the Rolling Stones tattoo… I’m not big on appropriating other people’s logos and artwork. I’m a graphic designer in my other life, but circumstances dictated that a weeny tattoo find it’s place on Ruby’s thigh. And that is exactly what happened.

Pete was so pleased with Ruby, he put her in pride of place in his entry, next to the most amazing piranha sculpture. One day, I’m going to pack my bags and visit Vancouver so I can meet the piranha!

To see more shimmery work, visit my aluminium art page.

Acid etched aluminium with airbrushed acrylic inks and enamel detail painted on.

3mm aluminium plate, blood, sweat and tears…

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