colourful mirror painting

Michael got in touch with me through facebook. He and his girlfriend Shelley had seen my work at a Brisbane RAW showcase and he was hoping to commission something special for Shelley’s birthday.  I’m always drawn to musicians as I have absolutely no musical ability. It’s most unfortunate as I love music – but I’ve been told I’m tone deaf and have no rhythm (I was the one child that couldn’t clap in time with the rest of the class and made the choir instructor wince). This meant that when I found out that Michael and Shelley had a musical background, I decided it was important that I use the music that inspired her as my creative sound track. Music generates a certain mood and flow to my work – I was positive it was essential in this case.

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One of Shelley’s favourite songs at the time was ‘Slip’ by Elliot Moss – an intriguing and ethereal piece. It tied in perfectly with a circular theme that Michael and I decided might appeal to Shelley’s inner yogi. Michael sent through a wonderful playlist to lubricate my creativity, and ‘Slip’ emerged. Happy birthday Shelley!

Mirror was masked and airbrushed with acrylic ink, followed by enamel details.

Round 3mm mirror

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