the horse’s mouth: joyce cary

Colourful aluminium art

This piece is inspired by the tales of Gulley Jimson in Joyce Cary’s wonderful depiction of an artist’s life in The Horse’s Mouth. There was a scene where Gulley and his sculptor friend had employed a model to pose in his freezing studio. She was ordered not to move under any circumstances. Typically, Gulley and his friend decided to duck out to the pub, but omitted to tell the model that she could cease posing. When they staggered back several hours later, they found the poor naked girl an interesting shade of blue. Knowing artists as I do, there’s an air of authenticity about this story!

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Airbrushed acrylic with ink brushwork over brushed aluminium.

3mm thick aluminium 50cm x 75cm   |   4.3kg
Timber baton across back with wire string. No frame required.


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