the picture of dorian grey: oscar wilde

colourful mirror art

Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray tells of a painting aging in lieu of its subject. Dorian is perpetually young and beautiful while his portrait represents his decay both physical and moral while sparing him the indignity of aging.

In a sense, Oscar Wilde remains with us – young and beautiful, as we try not to look past his witty and glamorous years in the English limelight. A social butterfly, a man of wit and words. Alas, we do not wish to see beyond his terrible fall from grace. Jailed for ‘gross indecency’, he later escaped to Europe where he was ostracised and lived in poverty until his death.

Instead, we gaze upon the immortal, youthful face of Oscar Wilde, while we watch ourselves reflected in the background, tarnished by time.

If you find the lives of others as fascinating as I do, visit my art narrative page.

Coloured acrylic was airbrushed on the reverse side, with black enamel painted over the front pane. Mirror was then placed behind the composition in a separate layer, held slightly apart by a frame.

54cm x 78cm   |   9kg
Slim black frame, wired and ready to hang.
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Colourful mirror art
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