Mirror art commission

Who did steal the Queen of Hearts tarts? I suspect the naughty Alice might have been a wee bit guilty. She’d nibbled on so many exotic and hallucinogenic substances by then, she was guaranteed to have the munchies by the time she found them… Meanwhile the caterpillar – purveyor of sagely advice quietly pleads ignorance, puffing away on its hookah – another dubious tart if ever I saw one! I can’t help but sympathise with the raging Queen of Hearts.

This is the final in a series of four commissions for George – all based on Alice in Wonderland. Commencing with Croquet and Tears, followed by Down the Rabbit Hole and Storm in a Teapot. George supplied the beautiful mirror frames. A little bit of tarnishing and wear added atmosphere to the theme.

To see more colourful illusions, visit my mirror page.

The mirror was carefully masked before airbrushing. This was followed by enamel detail in several layers.

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